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Our mission is to make fabric sourcing easy for our customers. Being in the forefront of the textile industry, our curated stock line goes beyond bag and military. We tap into apparel, technical, and medical while expanding to meet the trends in textile. Our team of experts are committed to excellent customer service. We will help answer your questions and be the bridge between you and procuring domestic and imported fabric in custom colors.

Brookwood serves a global customer base

Extensive line of Multicam® fabrics

Brookwood Companies is a recognized leader and proud partner of Multicam® fabrics and the Brookwood Roll Goods Division is your source for rolls that are ready to ship. Our Multicam® line is offered in Multicam® Classic, Multicam® Black, Multicam® Alpine, Multicam® Tropic, and Multicam® Arid and this line continues to grow to match the demand. Contact us to receive swatch samples of Multicam® in varieties ranging from 40 Denier to 1000 Denier, ripstop, stretch, mesh, and more.

Brookwood serves a global customer base

Soft Stuff™ is 1000 Denier Cordura® with majestic Brookwood Colors

Defiant™ is 400 Denier polyurethane coated nylon with majestic Brookwood Colors

All Brookwood Product Lines

You need fabric and you need it now. Our Brookwood Roll Goods Division is prepared to give you immediate results with in-stock fabric in short lot quantities. With our extensive inventory of nylon and polyester fabrics on both east and west coasts, we are an essential source for quality fabrics for military, apparel, bag, medical, and industrial applications to help master the trends and demands of an ever-changing marketplace for the benefit of everyone. Brookwood Roll Goods is your source for fabrics that are ready.


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