swan™ finishes

Swan combines different finishing techniques with proprietary fabric preparation and printing chemistry to create finishes of quality and sophistication that no other printer can replicate. Example: Both indoor and outdoor lines of pearl/metallic prints including multiple pearls in the same pattern.

Nobody else can do this

Washed Finishes

Our washed finishes combine chemistries with time and temperature in a controlled high speed rope washing process. This technique results in both a soft hand and a worn/antiqued appearance of the print motif.

Indoor/Outdoor Pearl Prints

Swan’s indoor/outdoor pearl prints provide the same lustrous beauty whether inside or outside of the home. We utilize the technology regarding the base of the color and implement the appropriate set of colorants depending on the desired lightfastness of our customers.

Textured Effects

Swan has created a wide range of textured effects such as a jacquard appearances on flat fabrics and metallic yarn simulated effects. These techniques are utilized by top designers on a wide array of fabrics.

Delicate Raised

Delicate raised print techniques simulating hand needle work can be achieved by Swan’s proprietary print chemistry and application. The result is a three dimensional raised print for decorative uses.

Soft Laundered Indoor/Outdoor

Swan’s soft laundered indoor/outdoor fabrics are created with steam, chemistry and mechanical action. The process creates drape, softness and fullness enhancing the overall value of the print design.

Soft Sheen + High Luster

Soft sheen and high luster finishes can be achieved on all substrates. Swan has a variety of polishing equipment that can be used in conjunction with different chemistries to achieve the desired effects required by our customer.

Opalescent Print

The opalescent print process that Swan has created utilizes a unique combination of color application that creates a tonal high luster appearance which can be used on both indoor and outdoor fabrics to complement all decorating needs.

Hand Block

Hand block prints were a historical technique in printing and offered a unique look of hand craftsmanship. Swan has reproduced this look with a combination of engraving techniques as well as print application to achieve a one of a kind print appearance.

How We Do it?

By utilizing equipment and chemistries in unforeseen ways
to create finishes others believed were not possible


Enable SWAN™ to create finishes no other printer can execute


Ensures the best fabric performance


SWAN™ utilizes state-of-the-art color measurement and dispensing systems

The majority of SWAN™ business has been developed by utilizing equipment and chemistries in unforseen ways to create finishes others believed were not possible.


SWAN™ is a short-run, high-quality manufacturing facility serving the indoor and outdoor fabric market. Today SWAN Fabrics™ is a reputable full service non-military commission dyeing and printing operation in America.

Swan Finishing was founded in 1958 in Swansea, Massachusetts from where the company received its name. In 1972, Swan moved to a newly constructed facility in Fall River, Massachusetts. Swan still manufactures from this facility. In 2004, a new company, Swan Dyeing and Printing, was established to both succeed Swan Finishing and signify a new approach to servicing an ever-changing marketplace. In 2016, Swan Dyeing and Printing changed its name to SWAN Fabrics™ to reflect its transition into finished products which complements and expands upon its fabric processing expertise.

SWAN Fabrics™ was purchased in 2023 and is now a part of Brookwood® Companies Incorporated. This opens a new chapter in the story of SWAN™ growth into a bigger arena


What are SWAN's minimum run sizes?

300 Yards

How many colors can SWAN™ print on a single textile?

16 Colors
Same as number of screens

What is the maximum finish width?


On what fabrics can SWAN™ print?

Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon, Cotton, Rayon, Linen and blends of these fibers

How many screens can SWAN™ run?

16 Screens

How large an image can SWAN™ print?

Up to 40″
Repeats 25, 27, 32, 36, & 40

From where does SWAN™ ship goods?

Our facility in Fall River, MA

Contact SWAN™

Please  feel free to reach out to us at SWAN Fabrics™. Fill out the form or use the contact information below.


Phone: 508-674-4611
Office Fax: 508-676-3730
Shipping Fax: 508-674-2250


372 Stevens Street
Fall River, MA 02721





485 Madison Avenue, Suite 500,

New York, NY 10022



275 Putnam Road,

Wauregan, CT 06387



445 W. Walnut Street,

Gardena, CA 90248


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