Brookwood Is Internationally Recognized at Performance Days Munich, Germany

The Performance Days forum in Munich Germany is a show exhibiting woven and knit textiles, finishing and trims from mills around the world. This show has been present on the world stage for twelve years with the “tree climate collaboration” and Tencel Fabrics specifically. Brookwood exhibited at this show for the first time and the response was phenomenal. Not only were we well received by those that attended, we were also presented with the ‘Eco-Performance Award’ for our fabric ‘Mahogany’, which was voted for with 100% jury approval. Steven Lerman, Executive Vice President for Consumer, who was given this honor and award on Brookwood’s behalf said after acceptance, “I am proud that we created a fabric that is sustainable and it made me feel like our work and dedication was recognized and acknowledged by our peers on an international level. We should be at Performance Days again as it puts us on the international stage and grows Brookwood as a company presence worldwide.”



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