What is Mahogany™ ?


Mahogany is a fabric made with Tencel™ and wool both of which are natural fibers. Tencel™ is made of wood pulp in a closed-loop system which has a positive environmental impact and the wool used is responsibly sourced. The technical aspects of Mahogany are its’ breathability, moisture management/odor resistance and thermal regulating. It has a lovely soft hand and is gentle on the skin. It can be made in custom yarn dye patterns. Steven Lerman, Executive Vice President for Consumer and Noris Solano, Product Development Manager for Consumer, are the creative and technical forces in the creation of this award-winning fabric. Brookwood is proud to forge ahead on eco-performance friendly fabrics to continue our journey in our responsibility to our global future.


    • amber

      Good Morning Stephanie…Thank you for your interest in our fabric Mahogany. A member of our sales team will be in touch with you shortly with more information on this product.
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