Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System

Brookwood is a premier military fabrics supplier for contractors providing branches of the U.S. Military with the latest technical fabrics. Brookwood has successfully worked to meet a number of specifications for the U.S. Army’s Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (GEN III ECWCS). GEN III ECWCS comprises a 12-piece kit that allows Soldiers to use seven different layers, depending on the environment.

According to the PEO Soldier,”by mixing and matching Gen III ECWCS components, Soldiers can protect themselves from weather conditions ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to as frigid as minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit.”¹ With its dedication to innovation and commitment to the Military supply chain, Brookwood is now the largest fabric supplier for GEN III ECWCS Levels IV, V, VI, and VII collectively.


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